Friday, August 12, 2005

DH becomes hot potato tossed betw Disab services and Newstart

DH is on the phone to Disability Services at Centrelink as she types.

New information that she has not heard before. It cd take another 42 days
from receipt of documentation no-one told her she needed to send in before
her application can be processed.

She asks the poor frontline foot soldier what she is supposed to buy food,
medications and bus tickets with till then.

He says, well, we tell everyone to register for Newstart.

DH explains to him gently, that she has already applied for Newstart, sat
through the amateur video afternoon that they subject you to, only to be
told that since she has an application in progress for Carer's payment. that
she is not eligible.

He has put her on hold while he confabulates with his superiors on this
unexpected turn of events.

Normally, DH loves Mozart, (she used to be one of the middle class elites,
there but for fortune go you, dear reader) but there might be a Clockwork
Orange moment coming on if she has to listen to 10 more rounds of the Sonata
in D, K514 or whatever.

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