Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Its 8 weeks since DH had a wage, and Centrelink STILL hasnt processed her Carers Pension Claim.

She went in yesterday to Centrelink, as the people on the phone knew n-n-nothing about her claim lodged 8 weeks ago for Carer's Payment. She was told that someone would contact her today from Redfern Office.
Nothing so far.
She has now used up her mother's pension as well, and only has 30 dollars left in the world till next Tuesday when she can seize upon her daughter's Student Allowance ($214) to buy some more groceries for the next fortnight.
And lets not forget the massive sum of $82.40 for her Carer's allowance, which the Federal government in its generosity hands out per fortnight to pay for the extra expenses of raising a child with a disabilitiy.
She cant begin to imagine what people who have children with high medication and nursing needs do with this princely sum. Blow it all on champagne and caviar no doubt.
Its all getting a bit serious folks.

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