Sunday, August 14, 2005

Now they want DH's citizenship papers! Again!

First up, DH was informed that legislation says that after her last
complaint, CentreLink had to respond within 3 hours.
They didnt. Surprise.
So having made the trek to Centrelink again, (without, you will recall,
having a transport concession card to pay for the bus trip) she was
astonished to find that there, on her file was. "We cannot process your
claim till we get your citizenship papers".
This is BRAND new, 10 weeks after her initial application.
"But I GAVE you my citizenship papers already".
So out comes a very nice young woman from back office who explains that
because her citizenship papers date back to the 60's and because for some
arcane bureaucratic reason that completely went over DH's head, someone had
to fill in 1988 somewhere because who knows why??? So therefore, DH has to
show her citizenship papers.
DH is worried because she doesnt know where her citizenship papers are
anymore. She is absentminded because of depression brought on by carer
stress, being painted by the Right of both Liberal and Labor as the
"Devalued Other", and she has taken her papers on so many outings , that she
fears they maybe lost.
So today will be spent at Chateau D'oH ransacking the joint for her
certificate of citizenship.
DH came to Australia as a reffo, and she doesnt have a birth certificate.
The way things are going, and not wishing to be total drama queen, much,
she's thinking... "Hmmm, maybe I cd be deported back to Eastern Europe. The
way things are going here, I cd have a higher standard of living over there.

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