Thursday, January 18, 2007

A boost for nomadism and squatting

DH has been reading Robin Davidson's Quarterly Essay in which she laments the relentless squeezing to death of the independant spirit of nomadism. She need not worry, current housing policy at both Federal and State levels could well reverse this trend. And check out this great site and their handbook on squatting.
No joke, everywhere we look, we see populations on the move, nomads without traditional wisdom to prevent overgrazing, whether its the rich flitting disconnected from resort to resort, or rent-hoppers, or refugees. Overpopulation and greed, or Malthusian inevitability, call it what you will. Populations will just keep on expanding until the inevitable catastrophic crashes. Bleak thoughts this morning.  

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Anonymous said...

Hello DH, just browsing, interested in your p.o.v. and then it struck me that this comment reminds me of an old Doris Lessing novel ( name excapes me )about the end of civilisation. She started with the nomad hordes created when social services no longer exist. MM