Monday, January 15, 2007

"Super" flap to cause houso overheating?

You know how a butterfly flapping its wings in Haiti can cause a hurricane in Cairns? Looks like Peter "Tinkerbell" Costello has been flapping his super wings, and its going to cause havoc for us housos.

Excuse DH for being so parochial and self-centred in the midst of a national crisis, but it looks like she and her neighbours will never get D'OH to install a heat extractor fan in their ceilings now, let alone awnings, and ceiling fans (see previous entry) .

What with superannuation now looking like a better investment than rental properties, and landlords being better off selling off or raising rents*, the pressure on public housing can only increase.

Bigger waiting lists, of course, but can we also expect more "divide and rule" tactics from state and federal goverments who will find it expedient to deflect public scrutiny by sooling the lower classes against each other to fight it out for the remaining low-cost housing stock? Nothing like a bit of creative scapegoating for solving shortage of all kinds.

Already DH is noticing a decided chill in the air even amongst her leftie private-renter mates. Worried sick about their own housing prospects, they are not apt to sympathise with the plight of those who aren't, they imagine, doing it as hard as they are.



Himself said...

That SMH story is total bullshit - see my blog post here.

DH said...

There you go, what can you expect from economists with their simplistic linear thinking? Nevertheless, even if the reasoning turned out to be faulty, DH is standing by her prediction that all hope of a heat extractor fan is rapidly fading.
DH thanks "himself" for his kind words abt the diary on his blog.