Thursday, January 11, 2007

Heat exhaustion

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, in a glasshouse facing west, with no insulation in the roof, windows that open outwards to block crossbreezes that might cool the house down overnight. No air circulation. Thank God for global warming that has so far this season brought us bipolar weather, with more cold days than hot. Looking out of her window at a glorious summer morning, DH is very afraid. She doesnt know if she can bear another summer like last year. In the morning her child's brain fries in the corridor facing east that is her bedroom. From noon onwards, DH's bedroom temperature even with the blinds shut is at least 40 degrees. Like most of the people in her block, she sleeps either on the sofa downstairs or with the noisy fan on her full blast, and the spray bottle handy.

With the rental crisis in this state, DH feels reluctant to complain about such a small thing as Architectural Crimes Against Humanity. But then complaint is DH's brief, so what the hey.

Watch this space, because DH has in mind a new initiative to put the issue of design back on the agenda of affordable housing.

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