Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Learning to reframe, accept, and love the poverty trap

DH has flatly run out of things to complain about. She has now accepted that the only way out of her poverty trap, in the continuing absence of a transition strategy by the DOH for aspirational housos who want to save up to move out, is via lotto win or marriage. Any of you eligible bachelor DOH fatcats interested in taking up this challenge?

So in the absence of takers, she is now reframing herself not as poor, but as "environmentally sustainable". And really it's a great life. With nothing to lose, she can gad about being a professional victim, an endless source of downward envy for her middle class friends, doing good works and being a social critic to her heart's content. She can hang out for meaningful low-paid work in the public sector, and resist the temptation to be a highly paid-sellout, as a high salary wouldn't do her any good anyway. As long as she can still afford her daily latte...

And as she watches the drive-by petrol belchers, she knows that when the Antarctic Ice Shelf finally cracks off, and we'll all be drownded, it wont be her fault.

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