Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Titanic moment...

What's weird about it is that DH has no idea what got into her. What is it about the zeitgeist that suddenly made Sydney all go mad like this?

All she knows is that totally out of the blue and without knowing why, like the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, she suddenly got up, grabbed her flamingo under one arm and her protesting child under the other, and without any further ado, we must needs go all hell bent for leather to the nearest ferry to go and see the QM2.

She just thought at the time that she'd had a really good idea for a relaxing low cost excursion to see the Harbour at dusk with the prospect of gawking at something stupendous.


What does DH care about luxury liners for the rich? Maybe she was hoping to see a replay of the Titanic and a spectacularly good riddance to a large number of rich bludgers.

That's the most likely explanation.

Anyhow its really not fair to blame the govt or the RTA for this. Who'dda thunk that everyone else had the same idea?

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Himself said...

I saw it in the newspaper online, thought it would be my only chance to see a ship this big, thought that no-one else would be bothered (especially not at 11pm on a school night). Ten hours later, I caught a glimpse of it heading out of the naval shipyard.