Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nationalise Mum-and-Dad landlords?

Yeah, in DH's communist dreams, from an era that didnt quite deliver on its promise...

But wouldnt it be nice to end this pernicious dog-eat-dog scramble for survival between the weak and the even weaker?

We've all heard the mutual horror stories between bad landlords and bad tenants.

Can't some scheme be worked out where small landlords are bought out, rid of their worries and ongoing insecurities, and rental properties are properly managed, licensed and maintained?

DH knows that this blog is read by lots of housing illuminati. She eagerly awaits having her grand vision shot down in flames by the experts

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Himself said...

You are entirely correct here. Of course, this constitutes a call for socialism, which I agree with unreservedly, but of course isn't that popular in the mortgage belt, where elections are won and lost.

Buying to rent is a significant contributor to long-term income inequality in Australia: renters are forced to lose say 30% of their income in rent, while landlords get a 10% increase in theirs, money which can indeed be invested in new rental properties.