Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The "Cain't get Mah Rental Subsidy Form" Blues

DH is worried that some of her fans in the D'oH might be feeling neglected because they haven't copped a mention in months.
It's simple. The system works well as long as tenants are unemployed, the money circulates quite happily via direct debits between Centrelink and the D'oH, without any need for the middleman, the tenant.

D'oH has no problems with people being unemployed. It's when someone gets a job that the department goes into fibrillation, especially if that job involves income that varies from week to week.

As the appalling prospect of employment looms for DH, her wishlist from the Department is

  • a speedy online and/or telephone income reporting system: report now and document later
  • quick response on the new rent payable to avoid a backlog of rent arrears
  • finding a way of not "outing" public housing tenants to their new employers
instead of the current 30 Point Plan (based on a compilation of everything that has happened to DH this year).

See next pos for this simple plan:

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Andrew Elder said...

I reckon you should be able to spend your rent money on stuff that improves your house, rather than faffing about waiting for repairs. I'm not talking about aesthetics: if the toilet backs up call a plumber pronto and sort it, get the receipt and deduct that amount from your rent. Do this enough and tenants get some form of equity.