Friday, October 20, 2006

Bad News (un)Limited

Murdoch gets the prize. A stake in the only half-way decent news source we have, the SMH. DH recommends that in future, since all the news we'll have is bad news, come straight to her.

And oy, does she have bad news for you today! Centrelink didnt pay her this fortnight (she got her dates mixed up).


Bank balance: $16 DR
Bank dishonour fee: $35

And this is only the beginning of the fortnight.
There won't be another pay till Wednesday week!

DH is in meltdown!

How much canned tuna, corn and beetroot can she eat,
which is the kind of fare you get from our charities
And beside's she's a NESBie and doesn't like Vegemite

Danger! Vegemite!

John Howard (emerging unexpectedly from the linen cupboard, as he does): Shut up and eat your vegemite, or it's Christmas Island for you.

DH (wailing): But why? What's the charge?

John Howard
Un-Australian, mateship-denying FoodChoices! Take her away! (Jogs off)

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