Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Devil house the hindmost:

Some "Newstart", when your family can't afford a flat in any capital city in Oz!

According to the Rental Housing Affordability Bulletin, of the Tenants Union of Victoria, a survey of rental housing conducted last Thursday for job seekers and singles on the minimum wage, found
For job seekers receiving Newstart allowance there are no affordable flats in any capital city anywhere in Australia. Sharing doesn't help, with only three affordable properties available in Melbourne, three in Adelaide and none everywhere else. Two parent, two child families (seeking work) had very scant prospects also, with fewer than 10 properties available in every city except Melbourne, where there were 24. Nothing affordable was available for families in the ACT or Perth.
(adapted from a Press Release from Shadow Minister for Housing, Sen Kim Carr)

And the culprit?
Public Tenant No. 1
... as usual ...
Howard and Co have slashed $3.2 billion out of public housing over 10 years
so devil, or your friendly local slum landlord, take the hindmost!

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