Thursday, September 06, 2007

Delta Houso stumbles on Terrorist Nest staking out Safe Base Charlie!

DH got into the spirit of APEC by doing some more snooping around Pitt St in her lunch time. She was hoping to clandestinely photograph the high-powered security measures in place within the humble steel and glass fortress known only as Australian Government Defence HQ: now thrillingly rebadged in a handwritten notice as "Safe Base Charlie".
Unfortunately, the way was now barred by some kind of cinderblock barricade, and with a bunch of people in serious looking grey uniforms looking like they meant business inside, DH felt it was impolitic to whip out the mobile phone camera.
Thinking to find a hidden photographic vantage point, she slipped into a shop front on the opposite side of Pitt St, when she was horrified to discover that she had apparently stumbled into a nest of terrorists, who were clearly staking out the joint.
Before running for her life, DH hastily snapped this picture: It clearly shows a phalanx of telescopes all pointing at Defence HQ. Note the many posters all featuring some kind of Charismatic Leader of Middle Eastern Appearance with an uncanny resemblance to Saddam Hussein! Just as DH suspected, Saddam Hussein was a CIA operative all along, he was never executed, but smuggled out of the country, given a new identity, known only by the code name "Ted" and now runs ASIO while masquerading as a "camera enthusiast". Ha! Tell us another!

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