Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Revealed! Howard Lacks the Pecker!

If there's one thing DH regrets about the demise of Kim Beazley, it's the lost opportunity for some top slogans.
Including the obvious counter above to "Beazley lacks the Ticker". He may have lacked the ticker, but any redblooded woman can tell you what Howard obviously lacks.
There's not enough said about unattractive men who substitute the pursuit of political power as compensation for their lack of success with more pleasurable manly pursuits. CF Nixon vs Kennedy, Hitler vs ... , oh never mind.
We have allowed Howard to do to the country what no self-respecting woman armed with a 10 foot pole, or even a paddle pop stick, would
tolerate for a moment.
PS: Not to mention: "Beazley vs Beastly: The Choice is Yours")

1 comment:

ryno said...

May one humbly suggest:

" Kevin or Hell - it's your choice."?