Sunday, September 02, 2007

HMAS "Aspiration" founders on Privatised Health Care

DH's faith in Aspirationalism has been rocked to the core by revelations emanating from the region of her wallet.

With take-home pay of $720 a week, rent of $313 a week to kick in in a months time, and the shock discovery that her monthly prescription meds, including one non-PBS item that must be imported, will cost $240, medical gap fees averaging at about $100 a month, and health insurance of $106 a month, not to mention weekly transport costs, phones and mobiles and ISPs, DH has been forced to face up to the grim reality: There will be no gambolling at Cap d'Antibes again this year.

No matter. You can't keep a good Aspirationalist down for long.

It is still possible to aspire to seeing Public Tenant No 1 evicted from his Kirribilli sinecure.

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