Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Delta Houso to Golf Dubya Bravissimo: We wish you'd Foxtrot Charlie Uppsala Kevin (Kevin???) O-F-F-T

DH was inspired yesterday by a hastily posted handwritten sign inside the gleaming glass foyer of Defence Dept HQ. Something like "Assembly Centre Charlie". Tiring of cowering under the bedcovers in case of dirty bombs, she ventured forth on a reconnaisance mission to her favourite Dumpling Restaurant in Pitt Street, which is when she came across this sophisticated security measure.

In the interests of a free press, she will today attempt to secure a photo for her readers If you haven't heard from her by Friday, search the Rendering Centres of Uzbehkistan.

PS: Delta Houso knows her headline is crude, but she has always longed to broadcast a message with the dead glamourous letters "Foxtrot Charlie" in it. It seemed like now or never.

* (The O-F-F-T bit comes from one of her favourite films "Brother Where Art Thou?)

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