Saturday, October 20, 2007

Carers Week Special! Check these health costs

Weekly Net Income for 2 people $886, Rent $320, Health Costs $305, Gas and Elect $50, Weekly Bus Tickets $49.50, Alcohol units consumed, cigarettes smoked, illicit drugs consumed, savings lost at the pokies: Are you kidding? Where do you think you are? Bridget Jones Diary?

What's left for food, phonebills, insurance, union fees, clothes, groceries, cleaning aids, gardening supplies, insect killer, holiday and Xmas gift savings,: $186.00

So how come DH's health costs were so great this week? Given that she's got nothing much wrong with her except depression, (and what carer isn't depressed?, plus the drugs needed to control the side-effects of the anti-depressants. DH is basically being drugged to be a happy little worker.
Note to Tony Abbott: The cost of giving carers a decent carer's pension, might be less than the PBS costs of drugging them to work. )

Family health insce 106.10
Prescription (Regular Monthly) 98.90
Prescription (Quarterly) 11.90

DH had the flu this week so other costs were

GP Gap fees 25.00
Antibiotic 15.99
Analgesic 5.99
Cough suppressant lozenges 7.99

While at the GPs, DH, being a seniorish citizen also complained that her feet were killing her, and so the GP recommended

Anti-inflammatory ointment 8.95
Arch supports 29.95
TOTAL 319.78

1 comment:

Ann O'Dyne said...

and that $8.95 bloody voltaren needs to come in 44 gallon drums.
one pissy little tube is not going to have any effect on painful feet.
GP is a comedian

you will get a laugh over at Copperwitch who is a strung-out carer and manages to be funny about wanting to kill her patient.