Sunday, October 28, 2007

Malthus rules OK

Give living things an inch and they will take a mile. Think locusts. (See also Renthoppers, below).

Whoever we vote for, the better they make things, the more we'll imagine it's a licence to consume, and the bigger the final crash will be.

Perhaps it's already too later.

Megafires in California. TWISTERS? In NSW!!!???

We are the only species that can choose whether to emulate locusts or gods.

We appear to have chosen locusts as our role models.

Ignorance and greed rule.

Given the choice between self-regulation to ease pressure on resources, or the scapegoating and destruction of vulnerable populations, humans have not chosen wisely in the past.

Behind the successes of agriculture and medicine come the grim reaper, new epidemics at best, genocide at worst.

Compassion fatigue is one of the first symptoms. Thanks to the efforts of a small heroic minority of activists, journalists and thinkers, there will continue to be lip service to minority rightsfor groups like us housos, the disabled, "foreigners", housing latecomers, the aged, the sick, the unlucky, the farmers, the list goes on, but the stronger majority will turn a blind eye to the crumbling of the infrastructure that supports us. We're all looking to lifeboats now.

It's really up to us minorities to get our acts together because no one else will do it for us. From what DH has seen of her neighbours, there's little cause for optimism here either.

Oh, why bother...

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