Saturday, December 20, 2008

A few articles in the pipeline to complete the 2008 Desperate Houso Omnibus, due to be released before Christmas.

                • The Lowdown on TP
                  The state of tenant participation in public housing
                • Belated welcome to the New Minister
                  As Housing Ministers whizz by, DH thought she'd wait a bit before
                  expending energy on David Borger, in case he moves on
                • The Housing Year

                  • A handy timeline of the big events of '08
                    Stung by critiques that she is all style and no substance, DH will be filling you in with all the big events federally and in NSW

                  • Down among the Housos
                    While the policy boffins and acronym afficionados have been busy little beavers, what's actually changed for housos?

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