Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hi y'all, Tempe Arizona folks!

Just out of curiosity, what brings all you folks from Tempe Arizona to DH's domain? I know times are tough in the US, but if you are hoping to apply for asylum in Australia, I'm afraid we can't find it in our hearts to offer refugees any social security whatsoever. 
So sorry you defaulted on your sub-prime mortgage, but it's no use looking for cheap housing here. We're full up.  The waiting list for public housing here in NSW is currently about 40,000 souls, having mysteriously declined from 70,000 last year. Since there was no new housing built over the past year 30,000 have simply vanished. Draw your own conclusions, but personally, DH wouldn't risk it. The Department of Housing is being very cagey about offering any plausible explanation, leaving us to the conclusion that alien body-snatchers have somehow got hold of the Department of Housing's waitlists.  It's a worry.


Anonymous said...

Vanished, 30,000 souls. I have a friend in Rockhampton who had a Qld Commission house as her 1/2 share of rural block she owned with her X went up past the asset cut off point, so she had to move to a private rental. Some of your 30,000 have moved to Qld, actually got a job where they provide shelter, like the box rooms they provide for mine workers. Others gone underground, live on the streets, in culverts etc. & get washed out to sea in heavy rains.

Andrew Elder said...

Wait till they start getting Sydney's rubbish, due to the latest stuff-up from Rees.

Anonymous said...

A housing employee told me NSW agencies asked QLD to house some of their homeless. There is a lot of singles accommodation here. We introduced a cut off at $80k per household. Some housing is also made available through imprisonment, murder and suicide.