Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Festive Season Wishes

If all our Christmases, Chanukkahs, and Eid Ul Adhas could come at once...

Let's someone pack off all the fundamentalists: Moslem, Christian and Jewish, (and throw in the wearers of silly hats, ~ high correlation with the former), to the Sinai desert, but not before they are stripped of anything invented since the age of miracles. Let them fight it out, and let God pick His favourites by depositing His Manna where He sees fit. We'll go back after 40 years and see who's left standing.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will have got on with it. Ordinary Moslems, Christians, and Jews can get on with good works fortified by whatever fuzzy logic works for them, while we atheists combat our weltschmerz (pain at the pointless suffering of a limited existence) with renewed dedication to social justice. *

And we will be free to start on the Marxists and the Free Marketeers, we'll send them off equipped with nothing but pure theory and the collected works of Milton Friedman, and let the dialectic sort 'em out. And that'll be the end of the creme de la patriarchy and all their benighted handmaidens. And think of all the housing that would be freed up, though we'll have to get rid of all those heavy imitation walnut bookcases housing the holy books.

* No DH would never be so unPC as to forget all the non-Jerusalem based creeds. Just so long as they keep their heads down.

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