Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thank Kevin's Angels for the bonus

Despite the rational argument that the money would have been better spent on more housing, DH is deeply grateful for the $1400 that her daughter received as a Disability Pensioner.
It means that the two of us can afford to have a holiday for the first time in years. We plan to hire a car, and head down to the South Coast.
Can't wait to do our patriotic duty to bail out the nation's tourism industry!  So before we tootle off,
We wish you all a d&m 2009, dear readers!  
PS. Can't resist one final carp, before we hit the road.

Unfortunately, with the cost of car hire, petrol, and accommodation, their won't be enough left over to indulge any secret inclination DH's daughter may have for booze or gambling, so Tony Abbott should not worry too much. Do he and his cronies have any idea how people actually live??

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