Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All the world loves a lover.. except Housing NSW

Caveat Houso! If you acquire a lover watch out! You could end up with all your possessions on the street, waiting for the removalist van to nowhere.

The first thing to note is that if someone sleeps over, don’t imagine that it’s OK as long as they are paying rent elsewhere.

Having recently joined RSVP, naturally DH’s first thought was to get HNSW’s approval for any romantic developments that might ensue.

DH rang the HNSW Tenants Hotline, and in the first instance was immensely relieved to hear that it would not be necessary to invite her CSO to chaperone the first date.

However, the call centre advised that should a guest stay for more than 3 weeks, the department must be notified. Further, to be "on the safe side" it is advisable to let the Dept know after two weeks.

Scratching around for a loophole DH then posed the following question, not mincing any words: “But, what if, say, you have a lover, and you send them home for just one night every 3 weeks for a shower and a shave?”.

Back came the answer to gladden the giddiest romantic's heart: “Legally, that is acceptable”.

But DH’s fantasy of languorous Chateau Houso days lengthening into weeks didn’t last long. And not only because she’s never had any luck whatsoever with RSVP (where desperate housos are not in great demand…)

For that's when the thought struck!


Running this past a lawyerly acquaintance with some familiarity with the Housing Act, DH came down to earth with a walloping thud.

Yes, opined the lawyerly type, it may be legally true, but if you have a malicious neighbour say, and they dob you in, guess what? You will not be presumed innocent until proven guilty. No, you have to prove your innocence. In the case of the Family Kaphoops next door, it might be their word against yours.

Ah yes, you ask, but what about the Tribunal, the CTTT, surely they will declare on the side of love?

Well maybe.  But HNSW has ways of getting around those old softies.  HNSW will simply cancel your subsidy and demand the back rent. And if you can’t pay, you can be evicted on failing to pay arrears. 


Andrew Elder said...

Go you good thing!

jess2541 said...

the same thing happend to me i had friends stay for about a week and a half and my neighbour rang housing and told them i had pople living with me, so i went in for an app to see housing about the matter they really didnt give me a chance to explain my situation as im a young single mother who just moved to albion park due to domestic vilonce, and all my family is in nowra so basicly im up here with no one but my 2 kids and no family support :( so they told me i had to prove that my family was not living with me bye my family bringing in letters from centerlink stateing there current address it was bull shit but i done it and havent herd back from them since but now im to scared to have family stay with me witch has sort of put me in depresion :(

Anonymous said...

There is nothing to worry about. Had a neighbour in long term relationship (3 years) with a public servant. She was denied further Centrelink payments and had to get a job -cleaning. However, she can continue to live in public housing despite having a long term partner who lives elsewhere.

DH said...

The good news is that HNSW had a case here in the Inner West against an older tenant who had a relationship with a man living in a regional area. They tried to cancel her subsidy going back to the year dot. HNSW lost on appeal. I realise this is anecdotal, but if anyone is interested, send me a comment and I'll get you the details, which I heard from the legal team involved.