Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Stepford Prime Minister... or do the ends justify the means?

Um... DH feels bad about yesterday's comment. We gotta have hope that Julia Gillard's remote-controlled robotic performance is specifically designed to appeal to those resentful ignorami, the swinging voters, and she doesn't mean all the nasty bashing of unemployed people, or the sickening self-righteous palaver about hard-working Australian families.

Perhaps the ends do justify the means when it comes to keeping the awful Libs out.

Remember,, the Libs allowed the current housing crisis to develop. They had 10 years to do something about housing. Yet they did not provide for a single unit of social housing to be built to take the heat out of the housing market. Instead they put billions into private landlord's pockets via rent assistance... thus contributing to the inflation of rents.

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