Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Election comment

Gillard is a disgusting sell-out and repellent scab on the body politic. Who tf is she anyway?

Abbott and Hockey are clowns, and the smelly barrel-scrapings of the Liberal Party (which never had much in the barrel except pork for the fatso end of town)

Here in the Sydney electorate, Tanya Plibersek is smart, compassionate and hard-working, can't ask for a better politician. I wonder what she really thinks. I hope she's agonising over the moral dilemma of whether there's anything useful that can be done from within this bankrupt "Labor" party.

The local  Greens would rollover if confronted by 3 men and a dog wearing a Socialist Alliance T-shirt.

Gordon Weiss is quite a nice sensible man, but must be judged by the company he keeps.

Tanya is our only hope now in the Sydney electorate.

We've hit rock bottom folks. Happy voting on Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

She's a woman and, in this openly sexist country, that's enough for me. She also opposes a "big Australia".