Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Federal election: write to your local candidate now

This is an edited appeal from Shelter NSW the peak body advocating for people disadvantaged in housing markets.

Keep housing issues for low-income and disadvantaged Australians in the spotlight ! Write or email your local candidates now, seeking a commitment to ensuring that low-income households are adequately housed.
In your letter you may wish to use the following list from National Shelter's policy document Housing Australia Affordably

1. improved and expanded affordable rental housing – with a minimum target of 220,000 new affordable dwellings by 2020

2. the development of national standards for tenants’ rights

3. increased support to vulnerable households including people experiencing homelessness

4. the development and implementation of a comprehensive National Indigenous Housing Strategy to address the needs of Aboriginal households in urban, regional and remote areas

5. increasing the maximum rate of Commonwealth Rent Assistance by 30%

6. utilising the tax system to provide more targeted assistance to low to moderate income households in housing need – to improve access to homeownership and to minimise house price inflation, especially at the lower end of the market

7. an improved planning and regulatory environment

8. a fairer tax system

9. better integration between housing policy and other housing-related policy areas.

Read National Shelter's Federal Election page for comments on election issues, links to websites of the major political parties, and a range of election resources.

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