Monday, December 18, 2006

Footprint Rights for All Australians

What are the chances of all Australian residents having the right to occupy their own footprint without being moved on? We dont want a MacMansion. Just a a pair of waterproof insole shaped to fit will do, perhaps with an umbrella thrown in.


  • the last hope for permanence gone for the working class and the unemployed as Public Housing becomes Public Temporary Accommodation
  • Aspirational public housing tenants discouraged from working due to the threat of loss of permanence
  • Community Housing rumoured to be subject to "Reshaping Public Housing" anytime soon
  • 100,000 people going homeless every night (Read this and weep). And no, they are not all drunk old blokes either. Kevin Rudd's family was once amongst them.
  • 70,000 on the waiting list for public housing in NSW alone
  • The Howard Govt being so comatose on the issue that even the Property Council of Australia is beginning to look like the Socialist Alliance by comparison
Consider that serfs in the dark ages had permanent tenure and only had to pay 10% of their output for the privelige

The trouble with John Howard is he is just not delivering SerfChoices fast enough. Perhaps we've all misjudged the man, he's a visionary after all, rearview mirror notwithstanding.

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