Monday, December 18, 2006

Kafkalink strikes again

Just for the record, DH's last visit to Kafkalink on the very straightforward matter of handing in a medical certificate once again totalled the system.

As usual, supervisors, trainers, and assorted experts had to be called in and soon a small crowd of Centrelink functionaries had collected around the computer, like a gaggle of confused chooks, desperately pecking at the keyboard, clicking their tongues, breaking into subgroups for hushed confabulations, calling in further reinforcements, scratching their heads and still the system resolutely refused to yield up its secrets.

It's a joy to watch, and DH can heartily recommend this form of comic entertainment laid on free for the masses, which beats paying $11 for some of the bilge pouring out of Hollywood.

But all good things must end, and eventually DH sorted it out for them, by tracing the problem back to (see November 27th ) the failure of Kafkalink's invitation to Work Capacity Test to advise her to bring a medical certificate, which meant that the work capacity tester could not make a recommendation., which meant that ... oh, life is too short. The system is completely arse over gizzard and nothing makes sense. Pity the poor buggers who work there.

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charjer said...

Kafkalink performing true to form. Was told once by someone at Kafkalink the computer hadn't decided a personal life-changing matter for me yet! To which I replied, 'When will it? When it gets back from lunch!'