Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Merry Xmas, your home is being demolished. Cheers, Your Housing Minister

The letter sent to tenants at Lilyfield has found its way to DH, straight from the Brutalist School of Correspondence with the Lower Classes.

Charming, innit? ... No velvet gloves, polite phrases or Noble Lies need be wasted on the underclasses. No "Your tenancy is important to us. Terribly sorry for inconveniencing you "somewhat(!)". It must have left some tenants guessing how soon is "not immediately".

Just plain rude.

November 2006

Dear XXX

In order to provide improved public housing, the Department of Housing has decided to redevelop the property you are currently living in. I am writing to provide you with some initial information about what this means for you. You will not have to move immediately. The Department will meet with you to discuss your circumstances and make alternative arrangements for you.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to: •
· Move temporarily and return after the redevelopment is complete, or •
· Move permanently to another dwelling (in this or another area of your choice)

Client service staff from your local office will be in touch with you during the next two weeks to arrange to meet with you to discuss your specific needs. The Department aims to provide you with accommodation which is at least equal to the type and amenity of your current dwelling, taking your current circumstances into account. We would ask that you discuss any specific needs you may have with the staff member who meets with you.

The Department will pay for all reasonable relocation costs. I appreciate that the relocation process may cause you some inconvenience and disruption, and for this reason the Department
will be as flexible as is reasonably possible to find alternative accommodation which meets your present wishes and lifestyle. I am therefore confident that we will be able to provide you with accommodation which meets your needs.

It is the Department’s intention that you will not be financially disadvantaged by this relocation. All reasonable re-establishment costs will be paid for by the Department, and this includes: •
· Removalist costs •
· Telephone reconnection •
· Electricity reconnection •
· Gas reconnection •
· Mail redirection for 3 months.

In some instances, reimbursement for permanent improvements (which have been approved by the Department), and window coverings and light fittings will be approved (up to a reasonable amount), if not provided at the alternative accommodation. You should discuss any of these requests with the staff member who meets with you regarding your needs.

Necessary maintenance will continue to be carried out to your home. You should continue to request urgent maintenance from the Housing Contact Centre on 131571.

In order to commence the redevelopment, the Department may require access to the external areas of your property from time to time and your cooperation in this regard is appreciated. We will liaise with you when this is required. Access to the inside of your home is not likely to be

I hope I have addressed some of your initial concerns, however if you have any further questions after today, you should contact your Client Service Officer in the first instance.

Yours sincerely …


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