Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Snooping around Lilyfield

The first DH heard about the proposed Lilyfield redevelopment was from someone at the Greens' stall at the Glebe Fair. The rather over-excited buzz was that the letters from the Ministers had gone out, the bulldozers were poised, the tenants were devastated, and some of them would be out before Christmas. DH had a moment of scepticism... hey that can't happen here, surely ... and sure enough, on closer questioning, it turned out that the letter hadn't quite said that, but the "person who delivered the letter" had, something a lot less verifiable.

Now DH did not want to go down in history as the Pastor Niemoller of Public Housing ... "When they came for Minto, I stayed silent, because I'm not a Westie, when they came for Bonnyrig, I stayed silent because I wasn't sure if Minto and Bonnyrig were the same place, when they came for Dubbo, I stayed silent because I'm not an Aboriginal, when they came for the Block the issues were too complex for my poor brain etc etc" , but Lilyfield was getting just a little bit close to home. Clearly what was needed was some research at ground zero, and thus it was that DH cd be spotted shortly thereafter snooping around the estate, taking pictures of what at first glance is a typical red brick 50's travesty. But a closer look reveals an unexpected and quite lovely oasis hidden away at the centre of the block.

More later about what she found out from the residents she managed to waylay, local politicians, and housing activists.

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