Monday, February 09, 2009

Bubbles' r 'us, or, the Banality of Greed (from the Brown Couch)

For those of you who prefer facts and figures to opinion, check out Debt and blame from the Tenants Union's new blog, The Brown Couch.  In it "Chris" illustrates with graphs and all just exactly how "with his Capital Gains Tax reforms, Peter Costello behaved like a tout at the door to the casino", while greedy mums and dads gambled our prosperity away.
It confirms DH's point of view about the detested Howard Government. Sure she despised Howard and Co. But who voted for him? Who demanded continual pandering? The coalition of the small-time Greedy and the Resentful, and the Comfortably Amoral.
The bubble ' r ' us
What hope for the human race when we're no smarter than locusts. Like them, we eat everything out till there's nothing left. Then we wonder why there's nothing left...

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