Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So you think you can dance your way out of hypercapitalist bust?

Or "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?"

Reality TV is schooling young Australians to be the docile slaves of the new world economy. Note how alienated machine rhythms make up the most popular music. How sad to see our magnificently talented, beautiful and naive young people outbidding each other to imitate robots. Well, they'll need to be to compete internationally with 3rd world people who had any sense of their own rights and dignity beaten out of them long ago.

Role Model?
For years now, our young people have been in training. The name of the game is to swallow any humiliation your overseers can dish out. That way you can stay in the game and have a chance at the scarce prizes controlled by the pimps and whores of the corporations with the money.

And then you will be exploited and discarded.

DH was nearly sick with disgust when she watched an episode of "So you think you can dance".

Thank god her leaning disabled child who wouldn't harm a flea said she wouldn't watch another episode because she can't bear to watch people being hurt.

It makes you wonder who has a "disorder". All the cheering young things who have some saleable gifts which they can't wait to offer up for exploitation, or the learning disabled who will never get applauded, or rewarded for having nothing to give but love. And who will be forced btw to get by on a miserable pittance of about $500 a fortnight, when their support needs are so much more expensive than those of the able-bodied who can make their own way.

These shows are turning our young people into servile morons.

What a shame thatour censors focus on excising loving sex from prime television, but happily ignore shows like this, which are nothing but sado-masochism, both in attitude and content.

When these young people are not imitating machines, they are tarting themselves up to look like hyper-sexualised whores and pimps. I guess the judges like that because every criminal loves to hide the blackness of their own hearts by corrupting others.

The Biggest Loser

Now this is pure porn and takes our minds off the truly fat and ugly, those who consume most of the world's wealth, and can afford anorexic young women to make them look good.


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