Thursday, February 05, 2009

Rudd and Gillard cream Turnbull and Bishop.

Happened to watch Question time yesterday. Even DH's daughter who hates politics cheered at the way Rudd wiped the floor with a shamefaced looking Opposition. All poor Malcolm could do was to sit there smiling in a desperate attempt to appear confident.

But the cake had to go to the Leader of the Nationals, ... er... what's his name? who tried to dredge some political capital out of appealing to the Resentful Classes about the 80 million going to overseas pensioners. How pitiful. Every nation has reciprocal arrangements for payment of pensions because it's in their own interests, and besides its all about free markets and global flows. . To try and make hay out of something they themselves support shows how low they will go. Or is Mr W's H. Name just that ignorant?

No, DH is not in the Labor party, and she's incredibly dirty with them for not squarely standing up to the mistreatment of people on Newstart. But still...

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