Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What message is Labor sending the unemployed?

If you went down to Centrelink two weeks ago, you would have seen the sorry people in the unemployed queues. How anecdotal of DH, but there were few tanned sybarites amongst their number dressed in borrowed rags just to claim their 250 bucks. The clientele is mostly Aborigines, people with ravaged faces or bodies, bad teeth, and for respectability, a smattering of people close to retirement age, who are finding it hard to get work.

The unemployed have the lowest rates of benefit, and even that little they have, they will pay tax on.

What is Labor's message here?

  1. Hang in there, we'll give you an extra $30 a week someday
  2. You should be trying harder to find work, and it's your own fault
  3. We're running as scared of the resentful lower middle class as the Liberals were
  4. We're practising triage here, we'll have to let the weakest go the wall. You're the group that will do us the least electoral damage


Anonymous said...

$30 a week? Are you nuts??? If we go putting Cent-O-Link payments up that much we'll have to seriously reconsider handing out so many Health Care Cards and other such luxuries!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't complain, prepare. The end of welfare is coming.