Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ham Hocks' geniality disguises vacuity

How disappointing that the SMH's normally endearingly acrid Annabel Crabb has turned to sickening mush over Joe Hockey's "genial" personality.

Ham Hock's performance on Q&A last week left DH foaming at the mouth. She found him neither cute nor lovable nor funny. What she saw was an overconfident buffoon hogging the limelight, while having absolutely nothing of substance to say.

We're talking about the greatest crisis this country has faced since the Great Depression. If you're going to have the gall to drown out the other panellists it's not enough to be a likeable joe. It helps to have something constructive to say.

What is it about the Joes anyway? Hockey and Tripodi - two of a kind, the class attention seekers who play up in the front row. But all their capering and clowning can't hide the fact that they haven't done their homework.

If HamHocks keeps carrying on like this, he may become DH's new poster boy for the Banality of Evil.

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