Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bonus Howard-Speak Dictionary

Howard's linguistic legacy

How he changed the Aussie psyche and our language forever
Promise: Previously an absolute value, now variable. Divided into non-core for the benefit of mugs, and core promises for the benefit of insiders
Compassion:Formerly a Christlike virtue, now a dirty word.

Elites: Once referred to the aristocracy/ upper classes who had the gold and made the rules. Now refers to anyone who bases decisions on verifiable information and logic rather than resentment.

Reform: Once meant a political change for the better. Now means demolition
 Social security: Once a form of insurance paid by workers and collected by the government on their behalf. Intended to provide security in the event of illness, disability, old age. Meant to to be contributed to by the elites via taxes, but mostly they manage to wriggle out of it. Nowadays, a dirty word.

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