Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Ministry for Managing Expectations

DH's pick for most likely new ministries in our parliament, come the new dawn on September 9*.

Whether we adjust our government or not on Saturday, the sad news is that we're going to have to adjust our minds.

The chatter in the system is that any pain experienced by the masses is not the fault of the government at all, but in the unrealistic, extravagant expectations of the underclasses.

So go gently into what "Better Future" may come, lest you be seen as a trouble-maker with ideas above your rapidly sinking station

DH's prediction:

Libs win: Julie "Death Stare" Bishop  ia guaranteed to wither any uppity impulse on the vine.

Labs win: Can't go past Jenny "I-can-live-on-$35-a-day" Macklin.

* OMG: Sep 9? ... 9/11? The first working day of the new government ??? Hope it's not an omen.

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