Thursday, September 05, 2013


I say, chaps, this 11th hour release of budget costings is a bit in our faces, eh what?

DH grants that all such projections are based on the Never Never anyway, on the assumptions of wishful thinking plus the hope that a butterfly wing won't flutter in a bank vault somewhere in Switzerland and create a financial tsunami here.

Or that Al Qaeda won't send some ambiguous tweet just for the fun of watching us go into lockdown!

But for the Libs to flaunt in our faces that they are so sure of winning, that they have no need to even pretend that they give a fig for public scrutiny!

A sign that they intend to be a law unto themselves from the get-go?

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog this morning, its refreshing! I have 2 little girls, an MA from USYD and live in a large, ghetto style Balmain houso estate.. while i enjoy the very real community here in the estate im dismayed by the glaring economic inequality in the surrounding area and how our underclass status makes us so separate from other families at my daughters school. I have an almost constant sense of unworthiness and the feeling that I should have to justify our situation. Arrrggghhhh.