Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lest we forget: The Howard Years

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

And boy, are we Aussies a forgetful mob!

And so we have Dr No, Tony Abbott, Prime Minister for Woman, for Keeping Us in the Dark, Cuts and Slashes, Miners, and More, Worser Concentration Camps.

So put on your black armbands and hop into DH's time machine, back to the:

     The Lowlights of the Howard Decade    


Budget Bulimia
  • Bloating on money dragged out of the teeth of battlers then
  • Disgorging the lot to special interest groups in marginal seats at election time

Darwinism masquerading as Christianity
  • Jesus would turn in his grave to see how Howard and Co have created a dog-eat-dog, survival of the fittest, the-strong-shall-inherit-the-lot Australia, all in His name, meanwhile ...
  • Old fashioned Christian hypocrisy - the "Right to Life" for disabled people does not extend to the Right to a Good Life, which would require a decent level of disability funding

Centralism masquerading as Anti-Socialism
  • Liberalism used to mean opposition to Centralism. Howard had to be the most centralist PM we’ve ever had
  • He wanted to take over everything, no wasting money on planning or research, just dream something up overnight when the polls dip, and send in the army to back it up

Robbing the Poor to give to the Rich
  • the transfer of $3 BILLION from public housing into the pockets of private landlords: result: inflation
  • the "budget surplus" extracted from the nation's rotting teeth
  • the transfer of funding from the poorest schools to the richest based on the sham of postcode

Robbing Women and Children
  • gutting the childcare system set up by Labor. This policy has now coming to fruition with the collapse of ABC childcare
Robbing workers of hard won rights
  • Serfchoices
  • Welfare to Workhouse
  • fining individuals for striking
  • using the services of a repressive Muslim state (when it suits them) to secretly train strike breakers
  • the time-wasting conscription of disabled Australians into pointless low paid jobs
Pandering to religious extremists

  • for blurring the hard won boundaries between church and state
  • no worries about fundamentalist extremist lunatics if they're Exclusive Brethren adding to election coffers
  • allowing Hillsong to rip off the welfare system

Pandering to racists

  • thick as thieves with the loony anti-Semites of the League of Rights
  • Nazi Croat propagandist Lyenko Urbancic leading light of the Liberal party
  • playing the Muslim card when it suits them The Wedgie Portfolio

The Wedgie Portfolio
  • taking every opportunity to “divide and rule” by appealing to resentment, fear, downward envy, xenophobia
  • the harassment and vilification of battlers via Centrelink while pretending to be on their side

  • the deliverance of the effective CES (Commonwealth Employment Service) into the hands of unscrupulous private operators
  • Centrelink's punitive and humiliating regimes
  • the gutting of Centrelink’s administrative infrastructure subjecting welfare recipients to bungle after bungle and desperation-inducing delays in payment
  • miserable pensions that don’t keep up with the cost of living
  • breaching the weakest

The Big Lies
  • Is it $1 BILLION dollars of taxpayers money spent on Liberal Party advertising since they got in?
  • non-core promises
  • successfully slandering people with a social conscience as the “elites”, while the real elites have never been richer

Sending in the army
  • Iraq? Refugees? Aboriginals? No problem. No plan either.
  • And of course no two diggers can get together for a quiet beer without our egregious PM suddenly popping up between them to clap them on the shoulders

Muzzling the press

The Intervention
  • discrimination against Aboriginal people
  • control without proof of effectiveness

Shaming Australia
  • Toadying to the Imbecile Bush
  • Children overboard, lies, the Tampa,  lies to win an election
  • Christmas Island - detention centres run like concentration camps, incarcerating children, driving them into mental illness and self-harm
  • Refusal to act on Australian citizen David Hicks in Guantanamo Bay (however dumb Hicks was)
  • Haneef case

  • It just wasn't...

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