Monday, November 27, 2006

Can you believe it? Work Capacity Test

Here are the 3 recommendations possible from Centrelink's Work Capacity Test
  1. The client has a permanent disability* and is required to find 15+ hrs work per week

    * The condition is diagnosed, controlled, and does not require further medical intervention.

  2. The client has a temporary disability* and is required to find 30+ hrs work per week

    * The condition is not controlled etc and requires further medical intervention

  3. Other*
    *This means the client did not bring a medical certificate because the letter of appointment didn't tell them to, thus the whole system is stalled....
Why is a person with an uncontrolled condition required to work full time??? The answer is that with a medical certificate they can get time off!
Perhaps this explains why the 16 year old boy who was dying of cancer was required to seek full-time work, as clearly his condition was only temporary? See The poster boy for Howard's "Family Values" (October)

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