Friday, November 10, 2006

Centrelink Raiders

You know how John Howard has taken to popping out unexpectedly from DH's linen closet in the hope of catching her out in Un-Australian activities?

You know how "he likes to watch", via the All-Seeing Eye of Centrelink?

Isn't all this, plus the delights of Janet, plus the mistress that the Canberra press gallery all swear (off-record) th
at our "Prime Exemplar of Family Values" is keeping down in our nation's capital, (oh, can you imagine the disciplines this reputedly Senior Bureaucrat subjects our leader to in his leisure moments! Well, someone must be teaching him how to grovel so exquisitely before the Bush), ... so, anyway, isn't all this enough for our saucy PM???

It seems Chairman John no longer gets off on these simple pleasures, and now requires ever greater levels of titillation. Apparently now nothing less than catching the lower orders out, in flagrante delicto, will do. To this end, the Leader now wants to deploy flying squads of Centrelink Bristows to raid the homes of Centrelink beneficiaries. They hope to photograph illicit toothbrushes cohabiting, take DNA samples of mattress stains, examine the contents of laundry baskets, and catch opposite sexes out in the act of making eye contact.

And all on the offchance of saving "The Taxpayer" $130 a week.

Gee whiz, what other forms of entertainment are left to people living off $50 per week after rent, supplemented by a few EPA vouchers and tinned corn and beetroot from the Salvos? Not much left in the entertainment budget after that.

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