Thursday, November 23, 2006

Citizen rubber stamps, please witness this,

D'oH does not give out reference numbers for phone transactions.

Tenants have been burned when they have reported income, the record goes missing, and it looks for all the world like they are trying to cheat.

DH has had a week's casual income. She rang up to report this, and was told that the Department doesnt worry if it's just a week here or there.

DH thinks this is great as she is sure the administrative overhead of collecting a week's rent would exceed whatever extra rent the department would get.

However, on past experience with government departments, which clearly do not invest much in training their overstretched staff, DH has had too many experiences of different staff giving completely different rulings, and she doesn't want to get into trouble.

So please note that on Thursday the 23rd Nov 2006, DH rang the Department of Housing to notify them of a week's casual work and that she was told not to worry, unless it became regular work.

If you feel like being a Citizen Rubber Stamp, send her a receipt and drop her a line at

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