Monday, November 27, 2006

DH undergoes Work Capacity Testing

Q: Why is DH taking the trouble to write this lengthy blow-by-blow?
A1: Her biggest ambition in life is to be a footnote in a Social History of the Noughties, detailing the decline of the Welfare State
A2: She is quite possibly permanently mentally ill, and should immediately be certified by her Work Capacity Tester as only required to seek 15 hrs a week employment.

The Story So Far
The story so far: When DH first signed up for Newstart, the nice young girl (NYG) at her appointment, thinking to make her life easier, marked her down for a "Work Capacity Test", based on knowing that DH was under carer's stress.
But the NYG either didn't realise the implications of this within the byzantine social security process, or didn't think to explain this to DH. She didnt even tell DH she had marked her down. This led to great fun and games later, and managed to confuse a whole generation of poorly trained C'link counter staff further down the track. See September 2006.
Basically, since the NYG had earmarked her for a WTC, the computer system did not automatically cough up a Job Network Referral. Without a Job Network referral, DH cd not get any job assistance, and also there was confusion about her payments. But the poorly trained CSO' cd not figure out what had gone wrong, thus delaying her payments.

So get to the point already!!!
After 4 months, the Big Day finally arrived.
DH showed up nervously clutching .... nothing ... , as she had not been told in the letter to bring any documentation. Thus began the CentreLink Bungle du Jour.
She had actually visited her GP the day before, because she had been told by C'link counter staff, that she needed a medical certificate which all GP's were required to have, and her GP would know what it was.
OF COURSE, you all guessed it. Her GP had no idea....
Well, so there's DH, and as soon as she walks in, ready to eye the psychologist at the independant assessment service as a potential scab, lackey, class traitor, running dog of Welfare-to-Work
But the assessor is only another NYG (Nice Young Girl) doing Howard's punitive protestant ethic dirty work for him.
So anyhow DH is struggling to control her emotions, but straight way she gets thrust at her a form which asks her for her permission to hand out all  the sensitive details of all her health problems to about 7 or 8 government departments.
"And what if I refuse", she asks, "I suppose I can do without any pension at all?".
DH gets it in one, so she knuckles down and signs, trying not to take out her vexation on the poor innocent NYG.
Anyhow, DH now gripes copiously and at length about all her health issues, which frankly is quite a pleasure, as she has come to an age where her only pleasure in life is complaining about her aches and pains.
So anyway, time comes for the NYG to make her recommendations.
But guess what? Since DH did not bring documentation, because her letter of appointment failed to tell her that she had to, the NYG couldnt make a recommendation!!!!!
Now whether the NYG would have thought to tell DH what the system was if she hadnt asked, we'll never know.
But here it is in all it's glory...
Wait for it....

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