Tuesday, November 21, 2006

TACky Ministerial silence while rumours abound

[Rumour alert! This post is a compendium of old and new rumours floating around in the absence of any statements from the Minister.]

If half of them are true, Cherie Burton might need some training in Management, HR and Ethics. And possibly some therapy to raise her EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quota). But perhaps she's not fully recovered from the trauma of being torn away at a tender age from the public housing home she loved by an untimely lottery win. (Or so rumour has it)

DH has heard from a usually reliable source that the Minister sees no problem with the interview process for the Tenant's Advisory Council because the last interviews "weren't required", and none of the short-listed candidates would be disadvantaged. Tell this to at least one poor woman who was reputedly in tears, having prepared for the interview, and been expecting to show her stuff. Not exactly conducive to raising the self-esteem of tenants who are already ground down enough.

DH is quite happy to accept that so far all this is pure rumour. But wouldn't you think that a Minister with even a shred of nous or character would at the very least write a personal letter of explanation or apology to the tenants concerned? Without any explanation forthcoming, is it any wonder that the logical conclusion amongst tenants is that corruption must be the explanation, with a minister attempting to foist her own choice onto an independant, competent, and principled committee.

Or is it that the Minister is plain incompetent ... if it's true that she is presiding over a sell-off at Miller's Point at 1/3 of market value?

And finally Cherie Burton's silence and lack of explanation has made it impossible for any tenant of integrity to accept a post on TAC, as tenants will draw their their own conclusions about anyone who does accept.

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