Saturday, November 11, 2006

Free-range psychiatric hospitals: the future of public housing?

If public housing estates become concentrators of people with mental illness/ dual diagnoses, won't the result be free-range psych hospitals minus facilities? We'd better hope that the Housing and Human Services Accord, which is intended to underpin "Reshaping Public Housing" by guaranteeing that housing estates are supplied with appropriate services for people with high support needs, otherwise the remaining able-bodied/minded tenants will find themselves being defacto psych nurses. Hmm - cd be a career path there for single mother carers of disabled kids, who DH suspects may be the major remnant of the able-bodied on our estates. Wd be ideal, as this is a cohort that are already used to carrying the world on their shoulders for peanuts.

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Allan - Queanbeyan said...

I honestly thought we had already. The Dept just doesn't care what we have to try and survive.

We don't get told, no assistance other than Call the Cops!

We are not psych workers, doctors, nurses, well paid beauracrats or with the ability to walk away at 5pm come back at 9am and have the weekends off.

I live on peanuts (well the shells now, I cant afford the nut itself.

What happened to our rights?. In the short we are the the backstops for everyone else.

We forget though we must be totally appreciative and do our duty by remaining silent.

We are the cricket ball only.