Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas Island the New Jerusalem

DH is not usually given to doling out advice on foreign policy, but since her inbox is overflowing with invective from the Leftist Republic of CloudCuckooLand and their benighted Messianic opponents, she feels she is rapidly become as expert as the next punter. Having weighed up the polemic from both extremes,  the idea of the Middle Path so appeals to her that this may be her last missive before converting to Buddhism.
As a suitably detached neo-Buddhist Sage-in-Waiting and Equal of Heaven, then, here's her take on the Middle East conflict.  
Posing as mild-mannered welfare-workers come to straighten out the corrupt Palestinian Authority, Hamas' mustachios-with-fists got themselves elected by the desperate Gazan mainstream. While carrying on their welfare shopfront as a smokescreen, they prosecuted their real agenda. Holy War against the Infidel in their midst. 
What have they got to lose by taking 1000's of potshots at Southern Israel? Either the Israeli people living there give up, or else the testosterone crowd that tends to run governments and military, eventually succumb to doing what comes naturally and go ballistic.
DH wonders what Hamas cares if their people die? They believe in a glorious afterlife after all They've turned the whole state of Gaza into a suicide bomb. And they've got their allies in the Republic of CuckooLand backing them up in the propaganda war.
Poor Palestinians. Poor Israelis.
DH suggests a prisoner exchange. Lets round up all the fundamentalists, Jewish, Christian, Moslems, Socialist Alliance, and anyone else caught wearing silly hats. Then let's exchange them for all the normal co-operative flexible people stuck in the middle east who just want to get on with their lives.
Christmas Island. With all its facilities ready to go,  wouldn't that be a magnanimous and aptly named gift to the flotsam of Zion. Anyone for the New Jerusalem?

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