Monday, January 19, 2009

NSW Labor. Stand by your man

DH reckons NSW Labor should quit their shenanigans, pull themselves together and get behind Nathan Rees come hail or shine. He shows every indication of intelligence and character, and if he lacks experience, those who think they're smarter should get over their personal ambitions and for the sake of the state, build him up and guide him.

Enough bull from creeps like Obeid and Tripodi!

Maybe those in the know have reasons for supporting Frank Sartor and the ethnic Labor mafia. No doubt like all strong men Frank is a mixed bag of good and bad. But DH knows, or thinks she knows, one thing about him. During his tenure as Mayor, while she was working in the City of Sydney Library she and her fellow-workers had the lowest wages of any library staff in Sydney. Needless to say, she does not see penny-pinching as equivalent to masterful economic management.

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