Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Dastyardly move by NSW ALP Head Office

Thanks to 2 articles in the SMH, DH is having second thoughts about her exhortation to NSW Labor, below, to "stand by their man".

Call her fickle, but bamboozled is more like it

What can anyone without inside knowledge, really know about the ambitions, personality clashes, secret interests, toxic alliances and pressures to toe the line, that appear to make up the sum total of NSW Labor? When it comes to NSW politics, truly what-t-f does DH think she knows? She should probably stick to her brief, which is to whinge about the Department of Housing and Centrelink. But these days, with all renters doing it tough, it seems churlish to complain. And with the old class struggle intensifying as laissez-faire Cap melts down, DH has no intention of becoming a wedge to divide the underclasses. So with her chances of getting a job receding rapidly into the never-never, she has time on her hands to meddle in things she has no idea about.

First, DH is mightily disturbed by Andrew Clennell's Taxpayers fund ALP man's move into Rees office about Sam Dastyari's dizzying climb to a 6 figure salary. How does a 25 year old become a "senior official" from ALP headquarters? Since when is a wet-behind-the-ears eager beaver a "man"?

And despite the Devine Miss M's general dodginess, when she opines that, Frankly, the best option is Sartor, perhaps she has a point. Perhaps DH is wrong to support Nathan Rees based only on conventional wisdom rather than inside knowledge: "Let's draw a line in the sand, stop chopping and changing, work with what we've got, and get on with it". And DH is feeling sheepish about her prejudiced remarks about an ethnic mafia. It turns out Sartor, Costa and Tripodi can't stand each other. Not that a mafia mindset precludes factions, but, mea culpa.

Now DH was, until late last year, a member of the Labor party. Yet still she has no idea what's going on in the party. She spent her time in the party dutifully sending motions on deadly boring, but no doubt vital, topics like cement loaders and rogue fig trees to some elephant graveyard in the sky, never to be heard of again.

Every now and then, there were rumours of a mysterious entity called "head office", which apparently was redolent with faceless (does anyone have any idea of what Karl Bitar even looked like before he was whisked off to higher things?) ambitious wogs with no devotion to the idealistic passions of her mainly Anglo/Celtic playmates in the Inner West Labor Left playpen.

Now this young Dastyari fellow, who according to the SMH has been foisted on Nathan Rees by Head Office: again, wtf does DH know, but Dastyari was convincingly described to her in the most contemptuous terms by one idealistic young world-changer who was too disgusted to stick it out in Young Labor,

And how do 25 year olds, whose only qualification is to turn up tenaciously at meetings that no self-respecting young activist would touch with a barge-pole, get to become power brokers in what is after all, our major political party?

So anyway, for all DH knows, Frank Sartor may be as good a caretaker as NSW gets till the Messiah comes.

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