Friday, January 23, 2009

Go Nathan!

For the sake of stability, DH desperately wants Nathan Rees to get it together, despite yesterday's prevarications.

She reckons he just needs to call on his inner Obama, keep in touch with his ideals, find his own voice and articulate a truthful and realistic message, and the public will respect him for it.

DH admires him for the way he appears to have started following this path from the beginning, and perhaps Obama's example can continue to inspire him and fuel his determination.

His "sack me or back me" call (as described by the Telegraph) seems spot on, and today he appears to have prevailed, at least as far as us ordinary punters can hope to know.

DH is willing to bet that most of NSW want him to succeed and be the best he can be for all our sakes.

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Andrew Elder said...

Zero background as a grassroots activist, plenty as a hack focussed on tomorrow's headlines rather than longterm structural work that will benefit people directly. The Obama parallels are pretty compelling.