Monday, January 26, 2009

Howard govt housing inaction still coming home to roost

So Australia is home to three of the most "severely unaffordable housing markets" studied by Demographia, an international policy group, and all of it happened under the imperial aegis* of those self-styled paragons of solid, responsible economic management, Howard, Costello, What's-his-name, and not forgetting the egregious young Hockey Minor.

Though DH is a timorous creature, she likes to think she cornered Hockey at her local "politics at the pub" approximately thus: "As one of the traditional renters of Sydney who are now doing it tough thanks to your govt's 10 years of neglect and failure to address housing policy, can you explain how this happened under your watch, when you had 10 years to anticipate it , and do you think you owe us an apology?". DH could swear he looked like a guilty rabbit caught in the headlights for a second, before he recalled himself and returned with the Liberal mantra: ... it's all the fault of the States, ... failing to release more land ... state taxes ...

"Clueless and lazy" sums it up.

And they're touting this otherwise amiable bozo as the future Liberal saviour of the NSW!

*aegis (n), the shield of Zeus, bearing at its centre the head of the Gorgon, she whose gaze turns men to stone... Which is a very unkind thing to say about Amanda Vanstone

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